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The Door To Ambermere (ebok) av J. Calvin Pierce

The Door To Ambermere

J. Calvin Pierce


J. Calvin Pierce (forfatter)


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  • IF—King Asbrak the Fat of Ambermere had not allowed his palace magician to involve himself in a political and diplomatic crisis.

    AND IF—Rogan the Obscure had not tampered with magic far beyond his skills.

    AND IF—Hannah the witch had not been obliged to conduct the maiden with the blinding aura through the wizards’ doorway between her Middle Regions world and ours.

    AND IF— A mobster’s spoiled daughter had not developed a crush on Daniel.

    THEN—Daniel would doubtless have never heard of :

    Rogan the Obscure
    Asbrak the Fat
    Hannah the witch
    Princess Iris (Fairest Flower of the Kingdom)
    The stunning (though perhaps poorly named) Modesty
    Breksin the giant (and epicure)

    OR—Any of the dozens of other inhabitants of the two worlds, to say nothing of a rather troublesome demon from the Lower Regions.


    It’s rather discouraging when the more or less normal complications of your quotidian life are replaced by the far more exotic and much less manageable ones in a parallel world where you are faced with witches, wizards, necromancers, and demons.
    Almost without conscious thought, Daniel was able to calculate the intertwining complex of statistical probabilities and personality traits that governed the outcomes of card games. These talents, he found, were of little use when you are embroiled in the schemes of a tippling magician and the intrigues of kingdoms no one in your world has ever heard of.

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    The Door To Ambermere (ebok) av J. Calvin Pierce